Thursday, January 14, 2010

pat and rush don't speak for me.

The newspapers here, like they are all over the world, are currently filled with sobbing Haitians and headlines like "DIA NEGRO EN HAITI." My heart hurts even thinking about what it must be like for that place right now, and it's stunning when someone can react to such a terrible event with anything less than utter compassion.

Pat Robertson does not speak for me. Rush Limbaugh definitely does not speak for me. I find them both to be often more in love with their own opinions than with the truth.

That being said, I have opened my own mouth countless times in a way that was careless, and at times hurtful. I just didn't get blasted because I'm not famous. People are dumb, but reacting to each other with more fury won't help. I've been thinking a lot lately about what it looks like to seek shalom, and while I hope that people whose voices are far-reaching will use words wisely, I also hope that people will show me grace, and also firmness, when I say things that are out of line.

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