Wednesday, January 27, 2010

almost famous.

Ok, before I begin this blog entry, I want to announce that I no longer sit down on my surf board, and am now able to catch entire waves by myself. By noon, my arms and shoulders feel like "fallopian tubes" (thank you, Graham Snead) and I'm starving. So we were relaxing (ie. feeling like I could eat a horse) and having some coffee at Cafe Z today when two guys invited themselves over to our couch to chat.

I'm going to make this story brief: these two hilarious gentlemen were the Peruvian hosts of Lima's version of SportsCenter. "We're on channel 5! Sundays at 7 pm!"

"Ooh... about that. We don't have tv," we announced disappointedly.

And this is how we got invited to come to the filming of Spanish SportsCenter in the studio on Sunday night. We're trying to figure out a way to get some kind of "speaking role" so we can practice our Spanish on national television. I don't think they were really into that idea. However, they are taking us to Barranco tomorrow to go surfing, so we are feeling pretty happy with the adult field trips coming up this week.

And now for the bizarre closer: as we walked home, a lady who looked suspiciously like a heavily plastic-surgeried tranny slowed her car down, leaned out the window and called us "Goddesses of Olympus" as she rolled by. Now that's just good clean fun.


Kelly Anne said...

Traveling is so weird. One moment, you're talking with two animated men and then suddenly, you're a Peruvian television star! (Or, at least, that's the hope...right?)


Graham said...

HAHAHAHAHA, YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE HILARIOUS ANALOGY LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!