Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of our favorite people in La Paz was Amit, an Israeli with boundless energy and buena onda. He greeted us with grins every morning, sent us off to bed with jokes, and I don't think we ever saw him unhappy. We danced. We drank beers. We played endless rounds of pool. We made plans for an Israel trip.

Marlo and I are in absolute shock tonight after hearing that Amit passed away after getting stabbed in La Paz, trying to defend his girlfriend from an attacker.
Sometimes I don't even know what to say about the world. We are so sad.

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kendraelyssa said...

This is so sad. Before I read this, while I was on my way to work, Nick called and made a comment (which now, after reading this blog post, is incredibly irreverent) "If you died, I would turn into a supervillian, losing all ties to my humanity if I ever lost you." My first reaction was to remark about how he always speaks in hyperbole but then I really started to think about whether I could withstand the passing of any of the people that I love-- when I think about how I'm barely keeping it all together emotionally and mentally, I know that I would break into a million pieces if anything did happen. I can barely begin to put myself in Amit's girlfriend's shoes, Amit's family's shoes, etc. They are all in my prayers.
And as for you young lady, be safe and give Hardong the biggest hug from me.