Saturday, January 02, 2010

i'll pass on the resolutions.

Happy New Year my dear ones! Due to a nasty computer virus, sketchy Bolivian internet connections, many hours of travel and an utter lack of creativity, I have not been able to update you on the mundane details of my existence recently, which I'm sure is quite devastating.

But please be advised: it's a new year! And 365 more days we are (hopefully) gifted with to become. Marlo and I have had lots of time to talk about our hopes for this year, and our long lists on napkins include things we've already started planning (doing a mini-triathlon together-- inspired by our amazing friend Frank-- HI FRANK!) to things we can only pretend will happen (summering in Brazil). Our train of thought was entirely aimed at deepening the things in our lives that are truly good and culling the things that aren't. Donald Miller got it totally right with this article and I love the challenge of building on a life story, rather than being held to rules that don't bring us life or joy.

That being said, I'm so excited for a year of travelling, writing, learning how to love better, surfing, reading, triathloning, spending long hours with my family and friends, drinking wine and eating good food and laughing until I pee a little, and maybe convincing Javier Bardem to marry me instead of Penelope. But I'm open to ideas-- what do you want for your 2010?!

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PED said...

did you get your book?