Monday, February 15, 2010


Sometimes I see things that I've seen before in National Geographic and get really, really excited because they are even cooler in real life than I thought.

Pelicans are one of those things.

These massive aves flit around surfers here and settled into the water in between waves, wiggling their loose bills and showing off their wingspan. It is awesome.

Ricardo and his friend Felipe took us to lunch today at Felipe's beach club and, after ceviche and camotes and yucca, we wandered out onto the dock where we got to hang out with them super up close. I felt like a little kid at the zoo for the first time.

It's super funny to watch the massive pelicans with their 18 inch beaks swinging around, and then turn around and see these tiny little guys staring at you with their bright red beaks and feet. LOVED THIS DAY; nature, you've done it again.

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