Saturday, February 06, 2010

king triton is angry.

Things that encourage people to keep surfing:

1. How fun and welcoming Peruvian surfers are. I had a cheer squad for my first successful set of waves, which is really endearing.
2. Spending an afternoon in a warm ocean being told jokes by two brothers named Carlos and Javier. They are like two compact little elves who barely hit 5 feet, and I feel like a gangly, weak-armed albino next to them. I'm selling this to the WB as a sitcom concept, so don't steal it.

Things that will make someone flee from the ocean permanently:
1. Seeing dead sea lions pummeled on the rocks after the same "red alert" waves almost pulled you under the day before
2. Seeing a drunk guy almost drown, throw up foam and get taken to the hospital after trying to take a dip
3. HUMAN BONES. Lots of them. Washing ashore. Right where you're sitting. Now that, my friends, is what we might call "disconcerting," because someone is probably missing those.

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