Friday, December 18, 2009

preteen commentary

Children: should be seen, not heard. Can I get an amen?

Sometimes, I could REALLY do without the brutal honesty that the underage set insists on providing. Marlo and I were at a party for Ñanta (more on my new favorite non-profit later) today and a group of six 13 year old dudes asked us, "So, why do you two girls have flat chests? What's the deal there?" OKAY, thanks for the commentary, punks! "Porque eso es como me hizo Dios," was the only thing I could think of to tell them as I dissolved into laughter and repressed memories of middle school.

Later, before I headed into my last English class here to help Victor and Mauricio learn the difference between "kitchen" and "chicken," I had some free time to spend with my favorite 6-10 year olds. As I was providing overly elaborate Spanish explanations of how awesome Seattle is, 6 year old Nicolas looked at me thoughtfully and cried out, "You have really green eyes!" Then Brian, a chubby, sweet 8 year old who takes great pride in knowing he shares his name with my best friend, interjected, "AND a beautiful face!" and ran over to give me an enthusiastic hug with his head on my shoulder. Okay, okay, what I said earlier about kids shutting their traps might not always hold true.

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Emily said...

Laura, I love your story telling. This is so true when you work with kids anywhere. I had a girl in my class constantly asking when I was planning to get married. Love your blog- Ames just told me about it on the phone. Keep 'em coming and Merry Christmas!!