Sunday, December 13, 2009

bonus round

Two weeks ago, we arrived at our new house in Sucre and were absolutely delighted to find the following items:

<-- this three year old named Carla who dresses like she's 80 years old and refers to us as "Mano" and "Lele"

a big deck outside our room with pure sunshine all day, and this view of Sucre at night!

Ok, much like nature, I'm trying to like dogs. This dog, who shares the top floor with us, is named Messy and lives a pathetic existence getting constantly harassed by Carla. I thought Messy was cute until he WOULD NOT STOP BARKING, and my anti-canine sentiments came roaring back to life. I feel like a horrible human being because poor Messy has to poop on a piece of roofing in the corner of the deck, but I daydream about throwing him off the side of the house when he commences communication with every other dog in Sucre at 5 am.

This, plus a big kitchen and a wonderful family, sums up our living situation.

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