Sunday, December 06, 2009

just deserts.

4 days in a Jeep in southwest Bolivian desert.
3 bloody noses from dust inhalation.
5 lagunas.
100s of flamingos.
12,000 square km of salt flats.
2 cases of severe altitude sickness.
1 llama that enjoyed eye contact.
This is how we spent our Thanksgiving: getting as far from the city lights as possible.

Salt mound ballet

Say hello to my leetle friend.

4:30 am wakeup call for a hike through thousand year old cactus? FINE, I'll get up.

Nope, it's not water. Just salt until the ends of the earth.

Sunrise! So that's what you look like! Our little group of two chatty American girls (whose politics were deemed liberal European), one good-natured Montevidean (our wee Urux), and the coolest Belgian couple outside of waffles and chocolate had a hard time splitting up.

Call me creepy, but ancient Aymara mummies with skin still on is called a jackpot of archaeology (they only found them nine years ago! Talk about great timing!). They all had EXPRESSIONS on their skulls, I'm not kidding! Ahhh, I love mummies, could someone send me that National Geographic with the Kennewick Man?

Dear flamingos: you are so rare and so magenta, I can't help but love you. Also, your legs bend backwards, and I have a lot of respect for that.

Standing on the tracks and waving at Chile on one side and Argentina on the other, but keeping it strictly Bolivia, thank you.

Arbol de Piedra, thanks for allowing me to realize my dream of walking around in a Dali painting.

Something about lava, geysers, and semi-active volcanoes makes me feel like I'm living in the Triassic Period. Don't tell my 8th grade science teacher I don't really know if that's the right period or not.

This was the highest we got, and could feel the air blowing in off the Pacific. When you haven't seen your favorite ocean in 6 weeks, that air feels GOOD.

Llamas are now good for the following things: cholesterol-free steak, prolonged eye contact, earring ideas, really soft sweaters, and sassy substitute best friends.

If you guys need me I'll be down here exploring this kick-ass canyon.

That little hut was home sweet home, where Marlo battled altitude sickness on a cement bed and an old Quechua lady made us the provincial version of elephant ears over an open fire.

Oh, hello, Wonder of Creation. Fancy meeting you here.

Long story short: I'm the luckiest girl in the world in the most beautiful country in South America. Mike Moe, you made me promise to come here, and I owe you big time.


Pavel said...

1) Perfection
2) I sense photo genius

Anonymous said...

Wow. It is so wonderful to see pictures of you there! I remember it well and can't wait to share stories. What an amazing place! I love the picture of you holding Marlo in your hand. I have one like that of me and Brian that I love. My dad thought I had a miniature Brian doll. He didn't get it...

Lots of love you you and Marlo!

- Kim

PED said...

its nice to see that all the dresses you packed are coming in handy.

Kelly Anne said...

OMG. So beautiful!!!