Thursday, November 19, 2009

our day in salta.

I counted 72 monster mosquito bites on my physical person this evening (why yes, I do look like a leper: 68 on my legs, two on my shoulders, and two in places that a lady shall not mention. Argentine moskeets will get fresh with you and ask no questions), while Marlo handled some personal biz in the water closet. Despite some physical ailments and a lull before Bolivia, here's what we managed to do today...

Wait out another thunder and lightning storm. Look to the sky to catch heavy raindrops in our mouths.

Track down Urux in the bus station and reroute his whole vacation around our plans for him (ie. helping us cross the Bolivian border).

See beautifully and ostentatiously ornate cathedrals...

...including Biblical hieroglyphs made out of cement.

The rain was more welcome this time than it was during the Tigre disaster, because Salta is a hot little potato. Our first day, we had just enough time to dry out our backpacks after FlechaBus left them under the air conditioners and returned them to us completely soaked. It's ok, I didn't want all of my earthly possessions to be dry anyway! Oh travel. I'm off to put more calamine on these bites and make sure Marlo is alive, but I'll leave you with this pensive gentleman waiting for the puddles to dry:

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