Monday, September 25, 2006

Some great days in Northern Ireland

A couple weekends ago we all went to the beach, technically to go surfing but really to get out of Belfast, visit Tosti and Rosanna at the Downhill Hostel, and play in the sun!
Tosti and Yonkers working out their game plan... Lookin good Yonks, sorry for posting your topless pics on my blog...

My favorite girl!
Yonkers was better than he let on, and he caught some good waves despite the fact that the surf wasn't that great...

This was after Graham, Eli, Malia and I got caught on Cave Hill during the rainstorm... they've just scaled that cliff, Graham bailed, and we were all covered with mud but look how manly they are! Haha!
Malia and I at the Stiff Kitten, totally sweaty and totally happy with the random European dance music!

Graham and I downtown imitating every sculpture we could find in between intense rounds of "Would You Rather?"

Chris and I at Woodvale Park... two year reunion! I love this kid!

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