Friday, July 30, 2010

sleeper train.

Is there anything in existence more old-fashioned and romantic than traveling by sleeper train?

Amy accused me of having a crush on overnight trains. Well, who wouldn't?

You get to pretend you're in a movie from the 40s (in my mind I have a porter to carry my trunk, which is filled with fitted skirt suits, lots of hats, red lipstick and a slight British accent).

You pull your curtain shut, let the tracks rock you to sleep...

...and in the morning you wake up in a totally new place.

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kendra said...

I know how you feel, Sista, I LOVE me a good sleeper train. Sleeper train was my transportation of choice up and down the coast of China. It's perfect--- you're getting to your destination and you avoid paying for a night in a hotel-- Plus the train takes you into the center of the city! No ridiculous taxi bills from airport to city center. I took a really great, new sleeper train from Beijing to Shanghai in April-- slept like a baby.