Thursday, May 13, 2010

three glorious days in washington.

No work. All play. Three days of my favorite kind of travel-- at home, with people I love.

Poulsbo and Port Gamble with dad. Coffee, books, and laughing like we used to when things were a little different... a little time capsule of being happy and simple together.
Oh, yes please.

Seattle dinner with three of my favorite girls. Lots of wine, lots of food, lots of love.

Mukilteo with my best friend at his new condo. Big windows with nothing but water and mountains and the ferry behind them. Ice cream like in elementary school. Diamond Knot brewery growlers. Magenta sunsets. Picking out midnight constellations from the hot tub and late night poached eggs before bed.

Puyallup with the boy. Sunny day reading in the park, Mexican cervezas at dinner, and tricking him again into antiquing with me.

I am so, so home and it feels so, so good.


Aimee Jo said...

what a lovely night, what a lovely life. I'm so happy you're home.

kendraelyssa said...

Oh now this makes me feel so far away!!!

huysmantrophy said...

kendra my heart, this doesn't even hold a candle to the Bone Thugs/PVM/snugglefest we're about to have. not even a baby votive.

schlosser... are we not so blessed?!