Friday, March 12, 2010


Has anyone here ever seen five dubbed Dolph Lundgren movies in a row? We did, over the course of 8 of the longest, most machine-gun-filled hours of our lives to date, and arrived in Banos in a state that could only be described as utterly brain dead. You know you've hit a new mental low when you praise Jean Claude vanDamme's portrayal of a robot in "Universal Soldier" as "really funny" and "highly nuanced."

After a night of sleep, though, we made the executive decision to hit Baños like little friendly bats out of hell. Within 24 hours, we had:
1. Mountain biked through the valley to see the gorgeous string of waterfalls.
2. Done a tandem bridge jump that was without a doubt the scariest thing either of us had ever accomplished. Leaping to your doom is not what intelligent people do, but we might be hooked on the adrenaline now.
3. Climbed up the Pailon del Diablo to be greeted with a shock and awe campaign from Mother Nature.
4. Taken a chiva up the mountain to see the volcano at night. Did we touch lava? NOPE. Did we get completely downpoured on? YUP.
5. Pretended to salsa dance before requesting hip hop from the nice DJ (his answer: a Mary J. Blige remix. After five months of pure merengue, we'll take it) and closing out the club with a hilarious set of Scottish/British guys.
6. Oh NUTS. I somehow chipped my front tooth on a beer bottle. Now I have to find a dentist in Colombia who will cap that thing for under $20 (my self-imposed dental limit). I'll keep you posted on this bullshiz.

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